Signage & Non-Compliance

Facilities managers inquiring about signage for “hot spot” areas of policy non-compliance may request smoke-free campus signage installation in the area after the following process has been completed. All requests will be reviewed and those that are determined to meet the criteria as a hot spot will be recommended for signage installation.

Smoke-Free Signage and Non-Compliance Process

  1. Facility staff should engage in conversation with the smoker(s). Respectfully remind the smoker that the area is a smoke-free area (see Talking Tips under Toolkit). Facility staff includes the facilities manager or building faculty and staff.
  2. If the smoker engaging in non-compliant activity is a building staff, directly discuss with the staff and/or report the event to their immediate supervisor for intervention. If the supervisor or employee identity is unknown, a general letter can be emailed to all staff by the facilities manager using a building email list to remind staff of the smoke-free policy and smoke-free areas. (Refer to the sample letter provided in the Toolkit).
  3. The supervisor should provide the employee with information about resources to help them quit. The MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service provides free tobacco treatment services for faculty, staff, other qualified adults and students. or 998-6222.
  4. Facilities manager may post printable (signage available in the Toolkit) and post in the area of concern. Printable signage is intended to be posted inside of the building/inside windows, etc.

Printable SFE Signage is available by clicking the link below: