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The University of Michigan will be a smoke-free campus starting July 2011

Supervisor's Toolkit


The Smoke-free Environment policy is part of our ongoing effort to create an environment that is healthy for all members of our community.   Campus buildings have been smoke free for many years, and the extension of the smoke-free policy to university grounds is effective on July 1, 2011.

As we adjust to the new policy and become more aware of campus boundaries, it’s important to remain respectful when reminding a visitor, student or employee of the university’s smoking policy.


Please talk with your supervisor or call the MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service (734-998-6222) or the Smoke-free Environment Coordinator (734-998-2188). 


  1. If you find a faculty or staff member smoking on campus grounds:
    Remember to be respectful, asking whether they are aware of our smoke-free environment policy.

    This policy means there is no smoking except on sidewalks along major thoroughfares and in personal vehicles. This policy is important to the health and well-being of all our employees, visitors and students.

  2. If you encounter a visitor who is smoking:
    Visitors are the most likely to be unaware of the new policy so you may want to ask whether they know that smoking was prohibited on campus grounds and property. You may want to offer to show them the closest area where smoking is allowed (sidewalks along major thoroughfares), and thank them for not smoking on campus.

    Pocket policy cards also are available on this website and can be given to visitors as needed.

  3. If the person asks where they can smoke:
    Please explain that smoking is allowed on sidewalks that border major streets, but not on walkways to buildings or pedestrian malls.

    Our policy also permits smoking while inside personal vehicles when windows are rolled up and cigarette butts are disposed of properly.

    Please remember this is meant to be a health-related policy and should be non-confrontational.
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