Be an Ambassador

“Being a Smoke-Free Ambassador has been one of the most exciting opportunities I have had here on campus. What started with a simple idea to have fellow students interact with peers to politely inform them about the campus’s smoke-free policy has blossomed into a dynamic group of ambassadors who engage with students who smoke on a weekly basis. While the primary reason I joined the ambassador program was to do my part in supporting my fellow Wolverines’ wellbeing and health, what has led me to remain with the program is the true difference and impact it can have on the lives of students, faculty and staff. It is always a powerful moment when a person opens up about wanting to quit smoking, and those of us who are Smoke-Free Ambassador can be the “push” they need to begin the process of quitting for good.” — Joe Calabrisotto, student ambassador

Smoke-Free Ambassadors assist people seen smoking on campus by helping them find a place off campus to smoke. Their job is not one of enforcement, but they approach smokers to see first if they are aware of the policy or if they are confused about where it is permissible to smoke.

This is a volunteer opportunity. Hours are based on student or staff availability. A brief training is required in advance of service.

If you are interested in being an ambassador, contact