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Ready to quit?
The university offers free tobacco treatment programs to support students and faculty, staff and their dependents who want to quit smoking. For more information, click a link below.


Faculty, staff & dependents



The University of Michigan has been a smoke-free campus since July 1, 2011, and that policy includes all buildings, facilities and university-owned vehicles.

Surveys of faculty/staff and students show that many smokers have quit or cut back since the policy was introduced.

"These results are encouraging. However, we know that the remaining smokers are likely to be those staff, faculty and students who either are not ready to stop, or who have been unable to quit. They will need extra support to stop tobacco use," said Dr. Robert Winfield, U-M chief health officer and director of the University Health Service.

University Human Resources and the MHealthy team created a Supervisors’ Toolkit to answer the question of what to do when someone is smoking on campus, and you’ll find the link to it on the right-hand side of this page.

"Health is significantly improved in both the short term and long term by discontinuing the use of combustible tobacco products, and a substantial number of students, faculty and staff have taken advantage of the university wide support offered to stop smoking," Winfield said.



Record Update: Toolkits, signs and maps help answer questions about the move to a smoke-free university.

U-M goes smoke-free July 1; policy details finalized

06.04.11 SPG posted for campus smoking ban that takes effect July

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08.17.10 Ex-smoker ready for smoke-free campus in July 2011

07.06.10 LSA goes smoke free a year ahead of university initiative

06.07.10 Michigan Stadium to go smoke-free in 2010 season

04.19.10 Record Update: Statewide May 1 smoking ban already university policy

04.16.10 Michigan Daily article: "U" officials brainstorm plans to implement Smoke Free Initiative

04.12.10 Michigan Daily Letter to the Editor: The smoking ban initiative includes student body's input

04.08.10 Record Update: Student Life Subcommittee gathers input from many on Smoke-Free Initiative

04.07.10 Michigan Daily Letter to the Editor: Campus-wide smoking ban reflects what students want

11.11.09 Michigan Today article

Fall 2009 Article from Findings, the magazine of the U-M School of Public Health

11.12.09 Smoke-Free Information Session I video (1 hour, 16 minutes)

11.16.09 Informational meeting addresses smoke-free university plans

11.19.09 Smoke-Free Information Session II video (1 hour, 5 minutes)

04.20.09 U-M announces smoke-free campus beginning in 2011

The University of Michigan will be a smoke-free campus starting July 2011

Click here to dowload campus smoke-free zone maps

download a smoke-free campus flier

download a smoke-free campus poster

download a smoke-free poster for students

download a smoke-free poster for faculty/staff

Supervisor's Toolkit

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